Separation of families
By Jackie Candala
Staff Writer

            With the presidency of Donald Trump, there has been an increase in tension regarding immigration policies. It is widely acknowledged that President Trump dos not want immigrants in the Unites States. Policies against immigrants began after Trump prevented Muslims seeking refuge, from entering the country. President Trump’s intolerance for immigrants was even more evident after he shared his intentions to end DACA—an immigration policy that allows some individuals who were brought into the U.S. illegally as children to receive renewable deferred action from deportation.

            Once again, President Trump’s opinion on immigration has led to controversy. Trump’s new administration policy of “zero tolerance” border enforcement will charge all immigrants who cross the border illegally with breaking the law. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has said that families who illegally cross the border may be separated after their arrest; children will be sent to juvenile shelters and parents will be sent to adult detention centers.

Although this policy is for people who cross the border illegally, it may apply to the people who have participated in the caravan that has recently been organized. This caravan consists of migrants from Central America, who have traveled through Mexico to the U.S. border. Although these people come to apply for asylum, there is a chance U.S. immigration authority could separate parents from their children upon their surrender at the border.

            On the other hand, the Department of Health and Human Services says that they only take children into custody if parental relationships cannot be confirmed. This statement made by DHS has been refuted by Jennifer Podkul, director of policy of Kids in Need of Defense, a group that provides legal representation to unaccompanied children. Podkul has already noted cases involving two mothers who had their children taken away. The mothers of a 7-year old and a 12-year old were deported while their children were still under the custody of the U.S. immigration authorities. Podkul says that Trump’s administration is using these prosecutions in order to prevent more people from crossing the border. The statement made by Jennifer Podkul has been supported by Sessions himself through his statement that, “If you are smuggling a child, then we will be separated from you as required by law…” he then added, “If you don’t like that, then don’t smuggle children over our border.”

            These migrants seek asylum from dangers they face in their home countries; yet, Trump’s administration has not made efforts to help these people in need for the sake of humanity. Instead, they raise fear among these families. Because the policies of Trump’s administration are overwhelming, lawyers cannot guarantee families will be kept together. In turn, there will be an increase in legal battles faced by federal courts.

            It is baffling to be witnessing such heartlessness in the presidential administration. The types of actions and comments made towards people who seek asylum, by Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump, can only be explained by their lack of morals. These are families that want to a place to feel safe; they are not criminals. But Trump’s administration has made no efforts to protect or provide for the families in need of help, this all coming from the leader of what people across the world know as the “country of opportunity.”

Things that make you go Hmm…

By: Janely Aragon

Staff Writer

        There has been much speculation about the “Russia thing” as President Trump has addressed it. Since before his win in the election, there has always something to say about President Trump’s actions because it seems as if he had no White House officials to filter him.        

Although this is the reality today, it is upsetting to think people all over the world are observing America destroy itself. Even we realize what he doing as president is not the “norm” of American politics. It is never possible to tell what happens behind closed doors in the White House until the media sheds light on it, and even after it does, we do not know what to believe because everyone tells a different story.

President Trump has had many scandals and it will not be out of the ordinary is anymore are revealed. Even FBI Director, Andrew McCabe realized there was a possibility of collusion with Russia during the 2016 Presidential Election. The investigation of this “incident” is said to have begun before Muller was even nominated as FBI Director.
       It is baffling that there are people who still try to protect Trump, even after all his mistakes. President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani has said it is “shocking” how people managed to open- up the case, but it is shocking how he can act oblivious to all the news around Trump. The question many may be wondering as well: why did Trump fire Muller if he was doing his job? President Trump fails to address the concerns of the public in a direct manner, so this leaves room for speculation.

Americans have been divided now more than ever because people cannot find middle ground. There is no desire to respectfully debate and agree to disagree. Politics has now become very delicate and Americans are growing tired of the drama.

College Admission Scandal


          Every day, every year, students all over the nation wake up from long nights of homework, get ready and attend school, working hard in hopes of one day gaining admission into their dream colleges and later obtaining their dream careers. Countless students take on a school schedule full of advanced placement classes (which comes with a whole lot of homework), advanced math classes, extra-curriculars like sports and clubs, to better prepare them for college applications come senior year. Many of these students come from families who cannot afford to contribute to their college education, so they work extra hard on making themselves as good of college candidates as they can to hopefully gain admission and some scholarship monies, too. Unfortunately, there are people out there who have the money and connections to give their children college admission opportunities wrongfully.

          Recently, the FBI uncovered a scandal they called “Operation Varsity Blues” that revealed a fraudulent college admission foundation that took bribes from extremely wealthy parents and in returned guaranteed to get their children admitted to their college of choice. Nearly two hundred people are being charged with crimes related to this scandal, including Aunt Becky (Lori Loughlin) from “Full House,” who allegedly paid half a million dollars to have her two daughters admitted to USC. What these people did is a crime to the government, but just as importantly to hardworking students throughout the US. They may not be the first ones (or the last) to cheat the college system, but an example needs to be set to send a message that this kind of practice will not be tolerated. This message should come from not just the colleges and universities involved in the college admission scandal, but from all colleges and universities.

            It is not fair that some students have to follow the rules, achieve the GPA requirements, score a specific amount on the SAT or ACT, complete essays, even interviews, yet others can simply have their parents write a check with a bunch of zeros instead. Students all over the country deserve justice to be restored and their hard-work and integrity to be honored.  

Feelings of not graduating

By Crystal Chavez

Cub Reporter

            How does it feel to not graduate on time? This is a situation no person should be in, but many seniors find themselves in this predicament, year after year. The semesters of missing credits add up and come senior year, these students may be running out of time to make them up. After polling several students, these are some words they must share on the possibility of not graduating on time with their peers.

            “I feel nervous knowing that I might not graduate on time. It’s kind of embarrassing,” says one student whom has been officially notified that she is not be eligible to graduate. She admits her sadness because “you’re just watching your classmates graduate while you’re stilling working on it.” She can’t help but feel guilty for letting herself and her parents down.

            Another student, “Jose,” on the other hand, does not really care much about it. He said he will get his GED, and it does not matter to him if he graduates on time. “Eddie” on the other hand confessed he feels depressed and mad at himself because he is not going to get to graduate with his friends. When asked their reasons for falling behind in credits, “Jennifer” blamed her laziness during her freshman year. At the time, she did not really care about her grades. Jose’s reasons were like hers, laziness along with ditching class a lot. Eddie blamed his lack of focus in class and talking too much when he should have been doing his work.

            When the students were asked their families’ response to the possibility of their child not graduating on time, Eddie said that they still want him to graduate and to keep pushing himself. Jose’s family is mad and disappointed in him. Jennifer’s family still has hope for her, but she knows that they are nervous.

            So, what are these students’ plans if they don't graduate in June? Jose’s plan is to attend summer school and online classes in the summer, and he will take the GED as well as adult school if needed. Jennifer’s plan is to keep pushing towards graduating on time. Just because there is the slightest chance that she will not graduate on time it does not mean she should put herself down. Eddie’s plan is to attend Futures because he knows that the teachers will not give up on him. His plan is to focus more and pass all his classes.

            If these students could go back in time and do anything differently, there are many things they would change. Jose said he should have attended summer school earlier, so he would not be so much behind in credits. Jennifer wished she would have taken things seriously. Looking back, Jennifer sees just how easy high school is. Eddie’s responded he would focus on his schoolwork, stop talking, and passing all his class.  

            For all the underclassmen, take some advice from these students. Jennifer encourages you to pass all your classes and to take school seriously. If you are failing classes, do everything you can now to fix it. Do not wait until the last minute, so you do not have to worry about graduating on time. Eddie’s advice students to get their priorities straight and focus on graduating. School will take you far in life. Being something in life is way better than being nothing in life. My advice is to focus on school and pass your classes, and if you are failing,  figure out how to fix it.  And, freshmen, grades do count.