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You are a world away from mine,

With searing memories of love

That turn my heart to ashes

You have only given me hope

Of a better life after this madness

Of a future that holds out its hand

To me

A reflection of what could be but

Never is

For you are a daydream,

A beautiful distraction to feed

My imagination

To free me from chains that bind me

To loneliness

By B

"Walking Through High School"

This is it everything that you have gone through us now memories.
All of your happy and sad times in high school have now faded.
A new life has begun on your own.
No more waking up dreading that this day will never get here.
Now the day is here and your missing everyone before they even
walk through these high school doors.
Every memory is left unsaid.
On graduation day everyone cried, I even cried.
Knowing that I may never get to hang with my friends ever again.
Hoping they’ll be here for my graduation crying with me.

By Anonymous

“The Simple Minded”

They were different and mistreated

Different but beautiful

They were ignorant and unfair

Ignorant and racist

They caused conflict

They were humiliated

Judged by colors from ignorant ideas

Used as something and not as someone

Angry intentions caused problems

Mistreatment interrupted their tranquility

Issues of racism sting

Enough harsh treatment

Fury brings strength, trust me


By Amber

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